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He is silent, has enormous wealth: Interesting facts about Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean

He is a top actor, but his privacy is always carefully watched by the public.

Let’s just say Mr. Bean and it’s enough. There is no man who does not adore this character, who in a great way captured our actor Rowan Atkinson.

Atkinson was born in 1955 and is trying as much as he can to hide the details of his private life.

Interesting facts about the English comedian:

– There are three older brothers. He was born in Consett, England.

– In his childhood he was “clown” in the company, but in his teens years he became silent and withdrawn in himself.

– He Has graduated at two universities.

– His biggest passion are the cars. He was still a little adored to drive his father’s tractor.

– Owned by an impressive car collection, Aston Martin, Honda, Audi and even MC Laren F1.

– With his MC Laren formula, he suffered two accidents, one of which went through more serious injuries. It was the first time in the history of British insurance companies to pay 1 million pounds in damages.

– Atkinson even occasionally writes about some British car magazines.

– He was one of the guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as at the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.

– Suffering from mild stuttering, so he is known as silent in his private life, especially does not want interviews.

– He adores “James Bond”, and in 1983 he even played a minor supporting role in “Never Say Never Again”.

– In 1990, he married Sunetra Sastry, a BBC make-up artist with two children – Lily and Benjamin, but in 2014 filed divorce documents from her. Known as a non-romantic type. There are rumors that at the first meeting she did not say anything, except to give him the ketchup.

– He can boast with excellent acting roles and an enviable fortune. It is estimated at around $ 130 million.

– A story tells that in 2001 during a trip to Kenya he and his family were on board an aircraft in which the pilot briefly fainted. Atkinson then took control of the plane until the pilot regained consciousness. The landing passed safely.

– His most famous film role, of course, is Mr. Bean.

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