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Show creator talks potential for Peaky Blinders without Cillian Murphy

Peaky Blinders creator has spoken about the potential for the show to go on without its lead, Cillian Murphy.

The show is currently filming for its sixth and final series but the big question for many fans is: What could possibly come next for our favourite characters?

Show creator and writer Steven Knight has been opening up about this and has spoken about the possibility of Peaky Blinders without Cillian Murphy, who plays the iconic Thomas Shelby.

Peaky Blinders Creator Says There Will Be More TV Shows Once It Ends - UNILAD

Knight explains that, while he finds it very difficult to imagine, he would never say never. Speaking to Birmingham Live, he explains “In the form it is in, it is absolutely impossible for this to work without Cillian,” he said. “As it grows and progresses, who knows?”

The show boss says “There may be worlds that are part of the Peaky world that are about someone else but he is the centre around everything orbits.”

Show creator Steven Knight opened up about a Peaky Blinders world without Tommy Shelby. (via BBC)

As he previously discussed, Knight also said he would love to do a Peaky Blinders movie and to continue the story on in one form of another.

He says “It will go on in another form, which will be the film, and beyond that we want to keep the world going. In other words, the story of Small Heath and the Shelby family will continue on.”

Knight adds “I want to keep it going until… whenever.”

Although we find it hard to imagine the show without Tommy Shelby, we want the Peaky Blinders in our lives for as long as possible.

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