As the band wrap up their live shows, manager Rick Sale confirms that it’s not the end of their Reign.

Slayer are wrapping up their farewell tour, with their final shows marked in the thrash metal calendar for 29 and 30 November, taking place at the Los Angeles Forum. Their manager, Rick Sales, has however revealed that the group’s farewell to the road “doesn’t mean the end of the band.”

Sales made the comments in an interview with Mass Live, where he went on to explain that the decision to end touring was a sign the band were being mindful of their legacy, wanting to “go out on top.” While it’s a bittersweet decision for him, Sales noted that Slayer are “not milking it. From that standpoint, I get it and they made the right choice.”

The interview also touched on how Sales entered the music industry, having managed Slayer’s Reign in Blood tour all those years ago. The Massachusetts paper also spoke to Sales about the cities that the band chose to play at while on their farewell tour. Sales noted that he and the band aimed to play in cities that the band had either not visited in a while, or were yet to play.

The confirmation that Slayer will continue after their farewell tour comes shortly after guitarist Kerry King was announced as an addition to Dean’s lineup of artists.

SLAYER manager: Final tour doesn't mean the end of the band - Tangra Mega  Rock

For Slayer fans who weren’t quite quick enough to catch their last tour, the band are also releasing The Repentless Killology, a short narrative film combined with a concert film.

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