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The Walking Dead: Lori Grimes star reveals one thing Andrew Lincoln couldn’t do on set

THE WALKING DEAD cemented itself in TV history with its first season, which featured Rick Grimes taking on a newly-undead world in Atlanta, Georgia – but now Lori Grimes star Sarah Wayne Callies has spoken out about what actor Andrew Lincoln was not able to do.

The Walking Dead viewers are never going to get over losing their favourite character Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln). Last season the wasteland warrior found himself being jetted away by an unknown assailant, but now one of the stars of the AMC show has been speaking out about his work on the first episodes of the show.

The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes
The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes

During season one of The Walking Dead Rick was eager to find his wife, Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies).

While his search was not completely in vain, he did eventually uncover that she was sleeping with his best friend, Shane (Jon Bernthal).

Despite this, viewers were enamoured by the first season, as it looked like there was nothing the team couldn’t do.

Now, in an interview on Friday Night In With the Morgans, Lori star Callies has spoken out about working with Rick star Andrew during those first few fateful episodes.

The Walking Dead rick grimes lori grimes
The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln was said to not be able to do one thing (Image: AMC)
The Walking Dead rick grimes
The Walking Dead: Rick’s actor was brought over for the show (Image: AMC)

On the TV show Callies announced: “Honestly, I think the thing about the first season of The Walking Dead that was sort of the weirdest to me

So, Andy Lincoln, as most of us know, is one of the most capable people on television.

He can do anything, he can speak in any accent, he can make things look easy, he can sweat and still be sexy. I don’t know. It’s tough.”

Despite the praise for her on-screen husband, she did go on to reveal what he struggled to do during the filming of the show.

The Walking Dead rick grimes lori grimes
The Walking Dead: Rick and Lori were separated and reunited in season one (Image: AMC)

Callies added: “But the thing he can’t do is drive.

So because he’s British and grew up in London, he didn’t have a driver’s license until, like, five minutes before he came to Georgia.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – star of the show and host of Friday Night In With the Morgans – chimed in to add: “It’s either because he had to get to work or he had to drive that cop car in the first episode.”

To which Callies responded: “Well, so that’s the thing, is that cop car, if you remember, there’s that really cool shot where they lay out the spike strip and then they back up the cop car.

And I guess when you learn to drive later in life you don’t develop the same instincts. So Andy didn’t know that you have to slow down around a turn, or that when you’re going in reverse you should go slower than when you are going forward.

So he went reverse in that shot — honestly, I think it was almost 40 miles an hour.

Meanwhile, former The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz spoke about what he wants to bring to the show for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Walking Dead' Star Michael Cudlitz Will Return to Direct In Season 9
Gene Page/AMC

In the same show, hosted by Morgan, Cudlitz jumped in to make the announcement: “I want to put Negan through the wringer because it would be fun to watch, but not for revenge.”

Cudlitz also spoke about his death scene back in season seven, which he explained was a lot of fun to make.

He added: “When we do panels and stuff at conventions and [people] ask: ‘What was the hardest scene you’ve ever done?’ We loved that.”

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