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The Walking Dead’s final season gets a premiere date in new trailer

The Walking Dead spoilers follow.

The Walking Dead has only just wrapped up its 10th season this weekend with the extended extra six episodes run. But fans didn’t have to wait long for the premiere date for the 11th and final season to be announced .

negan the walking dead

A short trailer has dropped that features no characters, just shots of a court house, a subway station, a… cake and some ice cream, among other views. In voice-over, Eugene is asked a whole host of questions, ranging from bizarre (“Have you ever been vaccinated for the measles?”) to threatening (“Do you have friends in the area that we should be aware of?”) and some sinister talk of “reprocessing”.

Even more excitingly, the trailer ended with season 11’s release date: Sunday, August 22.

The final episode of season 10 focused on Negan, and featured a flashback into his previous life with his wife Lucille, who he obviously named his killer bat after.

the walking dead

Similarly to the six episodes of the extended season 10, the final eight (out of 24) episodes in season 11 will be smaller, character-based affairs, hence why they are arriving earlier than you might expect.

Maybe it would have made sense to end season 1o last year, followed by a 14-episode season 11 and a 16-episode season 12, but at least this way will save you money and shelf space on box sets.

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